V2 Review

V2 has been one of the leading brands of electronic cigarettes for the past 6 to 7 years; in fact, their original name was V2 Cigs. This brand has seen it all, from the traditional portable micro e-cigs, to the most advanced technology created so far.

There are lots of people in today’s world that are usually skeptical about vaporizers or e-cigs due to the bad press created by other organizations, but V2 has been able to provide smokers with the best portable alternative to smoke in the market. From small and easy to carry powerful batteries, which by the way, go through a rigorous quality assurance testing before hitting the shelves; to a wide variety of pre-filled and non-filled cartomizers V2 is capable to quickly bring a non-experience consumer up to speed pretty quickly.


V2 has an excellent grasp on how to nurture new customers and keep them always wanting more by innovation, this is one of the reasons why we have chosen V2 to be the leading electronic cigarette brand so far. Most vaporizer look the same on the street, but its easy to spot V2 anywhere we go.

As with any other brand in any market, V2 knows how to slowly fazed out their old technology and introduced new technology in the market. Their original micro-cigs were revolutionary at the time (keep in mind we are talking about 2012-2013), using pre-filled cartridges and different types and styles of batteries. In 2014, along with the introduction of their new V2 EX Line, V2 raised up the bar by providing a more powerful micro-cig battery, with bigger cartridges and airflow control. Keeping up with its tradicional audience that wanted to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes without spending too much money, the V2 EX line kept on the tradition technology of its predecesor.

At the end of 2016, V2 evolved yet again and introduced the V2 VERTX, this compact, yet powerful vaporizer, provides the benefits of any micro-cig, but combines the power of an advanced vaporizer along with the open system technology we are more custom to see in the pro-vape market nowadays.

We tested the V2 VERTX Plus. It comes with a touchscreen control that allows you to regulate variable voltage and to power the unit on and off. The maximum power provides 3 times more puffs per cart than conventional micro-ecig cartridge. The VERTX unit also has an e-liquid gage, which lets you see how much e-liquid is left in the tank before re-filling. At the bottom of the unit you will find the battery level indicator that lets you know how much power is left before the next re-charge. The charger is magnetic and comes with pass through operations, which allow the battery from refusing more charge once its reached it full capacity, preventing overheating and stress on itself. Its flat surface design stops roll aways on inclined tables. The advanced cart system features a new heating element that click securely with magnets so it doesn’t require threading and also prevents leaks.

The last unit we have tried from V2 is VAPOR2 Trinity. This is V2’s top level mod. This is the first V2 vaporizer that lets you interchange atomizers for a thicker vapor and


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