Vapor Fi Review

VaporFi is one of the latest players to jump on the Vape Trend back around 2014 with the original name of Vapor Zone. They later had to change their name due to a naming convention issue with another Florida vape distributor. No matter the name, VaporFi started opening exclusive stores all over the place, they wanted to target the retail front head first with their mixing stores, where you could vape different e-liquid or vape juices and combine them right at the store. That was a great concept until FDA regulations started to kick in.

E-liquids made in the USA

Over the years, the company seems to have changed courses and are now offering a wider range of vaporizers from different brands like SMOK, eLeaf, Kanger, Aspire, Joytech and more, along with a vast selection of their own line of e-liquids made in the USA. What differentiates VaporFi from other brands is that they make and mix their own liquids in-house, in the USA. They do not sell other well-known-American brands like Black Note, Cosmic Fog, Charlies’, etc. They have mastered the way to create vape juice to the point that they have reached over 300 different combinations altogether. What we love about VaporFi’s e-liquid flavors is their VaporFi’s Grand Reserve selection. Similar to wines, where the reserve selection represents the best part of a badge production that seats on top of the rest of the fermented wine, Vapori has created a similar Grand Reserve selection on which

A wide range of the Best Vape Pen and Best Vaporizers

There is no doubt that VaporFi has a wide and vast range of vaporizers available. Most of these vape pens and vaporizers are out of the shelves products designed in China by well-known brands. The price point of most of these vaporizers makes is really affordable for someone who wants to start vaping and wants to have an initial taste of what it is to vape. Portable vaporizers and small vape pens are the first stages for anyone trying to switch from smoke or trying to quit smoking altogether.

Current VaporFi Offers

Recurring Ordering Features

VaporFi is one of the few vape companies that offers a subscription of reordering e-liquids. This is a new trend that most companies, not only vape companies, have started to adapt since 2016. The new subscription trend that has all of us paying for music, disposable blades and television has now transposed into the vaping world.


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